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  1. Douglas Dearth
    Douglas Dearth04-11-2014

    how ’bout a shout out for the Indy show this weekend?!

  2. Marty Birmingham
    Marty Birmingham04-01-2015

    Anyone have suggestions where to get backdrops I guess, like the Christmas fireplace in photo studios? You know how people put a photo on the back of their fish tank? For instance the tower of an aircraft carrier is the background.

    • Carlos Codina
      Carlos Codina04-01-2015

      Try Build A Rama, JG Miniatures, Paragon Scenics & Miniatures, King & Country, Austin Miniatures, W. Britains

      I hope that helps.

  3. Piotr Zaleczny
    Piotr Zaleczny01-04-2016

    Hello, Is kits can be purchased at you, what are the prices?

  4. John Davis
    John Davis04-06-2016

    I’m interested in a single Prussian Hussar Lancer, pre WW 1 era if possible. Anyone have one for sale? Picture?

  5. Tris BArry
    Tris BArry06-01-2016

    Good morning, As a formed member of the Army Honor Guard at Arlington National Cemetery, I would like to recreate/Paint a full honor funeral in 54MM. I can not seem to find the type of Miniatures’ I would need. 54MM Army in dress uniforms. Do you carry them and if not have any ideas where I could find them

    Thank you


    • Carlos Codina
      Carlos Codina06-02-2016

      Hello Tris

      I wish I could help you. There aren’t any US Army Color Guard miniatures that I’m aware of being sold today.

      I spent the last hour looking for them online for you without luck. I found USMC offered by W.Britains but this isn’t going to help you.

  6. Juan Vallejo
    Juan Vallejo06-17-2016

    I would love to buy some of your scenes.

  7. Robert Charles
    Robert Charles09-09-2016

    I’d like to use some of your images in a book series of five that I’m writing (text completed) on the topic of small business. As usual, I will give full acknowledgement for the pictures including website, author of images and detail of the images.

    robert_charles at email dot com
    Sydney, Australia

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