NOR050 052 US Willys Jeep And Passengers

First Legion Release – NOR050-052 US Willys Jeep and Passengers


By First Legion posted on Treefrog Forum

“We are also please to present the next vehicle for our WWII: The Battle of Normandy range, NOR050 US Willys Jeep with Driver. This set complements our previous release of the US 4th Infantry division as it represents E Co, 22nd Inf, 4th Division. The set comes with a driver figure (fixed) as well as two passengers that are sold separately, NOR051 US Infantry Staff Sergeant and NOR052 USAAF Pilot, the latter of which is something of an “odd” fellow. The passenger figures were designed such that they can ride both in the Jeep or be passengers on NOR047/048 Sherman Tanks as well, so they can serve multiple uses.

NOR050 US Willys Jeep with Driver – E Co, 22nd Inf, 4th Division $174.95
NOR051 US Infantry Staff Sergeant – Jeep Passenger/Tank Rider $54.95
NOR052 USAAF Pilot – Jeep Passenger/Tank Rider $54.95
Ships Early September…”  Click here to read and see more.

  1. Kevin McAvoy
    Kevin McAvoy04-03-2016


    • Carlos Codina
      Carlos Codina04-03-2016

      First Legion WWII figures and vehicles are 54mm.

      Thank you for asking.