By Roman Volchenkov posted on Missing-Linyx

“It is a Trumpeter kit with RB model barrels for both main gun and DShK co-axial. Tracks are Masterclubs and figure is from Stalingrad painted by my friend Kyle.

I removed some items from the rear deck that were not seen on the prototype vehicle, but otherwise haven’t improved it much with regards to absent weld seams behind the side metal sheets that continue the superstructure….

As for finish – I had a desire to make a model without worn finish. It is not that artistic or attractive, but this is what I wanted to achieve and something that has right to exist in modelling world full of trends, competition and so on. The tracks are a bit loose, but I used correct number of tracks per side indicating that this is a chassis issue somewhere. Thanks for your attention. Comments are welcome, I can still do small adjustments if you see smth wrong on it…” Click here to see more