16 07, 2015

VIDEO: Actor Peter Cushing built & painted over 5,000 Toy Soldiers

Posted on British Pathe YouTube Channel “M/S of actor Peter Cushing sitting at his desk looking at papers in his hand. He takes a model toy soldier on a horse and compares it with its drawing. He puts it back and takes another toy soldier. C/U of his hand painting a white belt on the [...]

9 06, 2015

2014 Chicago Toy Soldier Show Highlights

Posted on Ian Kuhn YouTube Channel “This video shows some of the highlights from the 2014 Chicago Toy Soldier Show held in Schaumburg Illinois…” Click here to see more.  

25 05, 2015

UKReb’s American Civil War Toy Soldiers Diorama

By UKReb posted on Treefrog Forum “The Iron Brigade on the First Day at Gettysburg. It was evident to both the Federals and Confederates that the key to hold McPherson's Ridge was the five acre wood adjacent to the McPherson farm. Archer's Confederate Brigade were pushing across Willoughby Run and starting for the western [...]

28 03, 2015

VIDEO Giant Scale Catalina RC Model Plane

Posted on dabb YouTube Channel “First flight of this Catalina PBY-5A RC model made and designed by Sturla Snorrason in Iceland. Visit his page:” This day (June 2001) an old retired captain, Smári Karlsson was at the airfield and told us about when he flew the original Loftleidir Catalina TF-RVG in the 1940´s. This [...]

12 03, 2015

1/16 Forces of Valor Tiger I 007 “Final Battle”

Posted on Rick Joshua YouTube Channel “An overview of the fantastic 1/16 scale model Tiger I with turret number 007, commanded by Michael Wittmann during his final sortie near St. Aignan de Cramesnil in Normandy, August 8th 1944…”  Click here to see video  

4 03, 2015

King & Country Toy Soldiers Kelly’s Heroes

Posted on KINGANDCOUNTRYHK YouTube Channel “Like most of you I love those old war movies of the 1950's...60's...and 70's...."The Dambusters"..."Dunkirk"..­."The Longest Day"..."The Dirty Dozen"..."Where Eagles Dare" and, of course, "A Bridge Too Far". There are almost too many to mention...Heck, I even like some of the "bad" ones like "the Battle of the Bulge"!!!…”  Click [...]

26 02, 2015

VIDEO King & Country Toy Soldiers WWII Germans on Parade

VIDEO King & Country Toy Soldiers WWII Germans on Parade Posted on KINGANDCOUNTRY Youtube Channel “No guys this is not Angela Merkel’s answer to Greece’s recent Anti Austerity vote!”….Click here to see more.  

25 02, 2015

Richard Firoldi and his amazing Ansaldo RC Airplanes

Posted on Garry Yarrish YouTube Channel “Gerry Yarrish interviews Rich at the annual Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome during the annual RC Jamboree where he flew his 1/3 scale Ansaldo…” Click here to see more  

21 02, 2015

VIDEO WWII Plastic Kit Model Dioramas Scale 1/35

Posted on Willem van Maanen YouTube Channel “Plastic Kit Model Dioramas (scale 1/35) plus Drawings produced and compiled by Willem van Maanen (The Netherlands, 2012)…”  Click here to see more.