Model Tank Tiger I S04 LAH, Winter 1943

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Model Tank Tiger I S04 LAH, Winter 1943

By David Coyne posted on Track-link

” Wittmann’s borrowed Tiger from that famous photo sequence. It wasn’t actually his Tank but it’s so famous I just had to model it. However it is shown in the famous photos as having quite a bit of damage. I decided to model it without the damage as I will build the new kit closer to the photos.

I built it toward the end of last year as the new Dragon Wittmann tiger was announced, but only finished it about a month ago. The base kit is the Orange box Tiger that nobody seems to like, but me. Everything you need is in the box including the mounts for the three radio antenna and fittings. I had to use the old Tamiya decals as they were all I had. The new ones in the recently released DML kit have a black and gray fill where as the old Tamiya ones are just white outlines. The figures are from Dragons Artillery crew in winter gear. I just added Hornet heads and switched arms around a bit. The loader needed his bottom added from Milliput to sit on the turret roof and look like he had some weight to him…”  Click here to see more.

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