English Tudor Army Toy Soldier Diorama

By NZGary posted on Treefrog “The war of the roses saw the Tudors ascend to the English throne. In historical terms the early years of the Tudor dynasty were not renowned for famous battles [...]

KING & COUNTRY Toy Soldiers Dispatches May 2015

By King & Country Toy Soldiers posted on Treefrog Forum "WELCOME to one of the biggest, and I hope best, month of releases in the history of “DISPATCHES”...this year! As you will see there [...]

The Old Guard’s last stand at Waterloo 28mm Scale Figures

By oniria posted on planetFigure "Luis Gracia Balaguer from Valencia, has sent me some pictures of his extraordinary dio,depicting the Guard's last stand at Waterloo. Dio comprises more than 80 figures from different manufacturers, Perry, Victrix, [...]

Panzer IV Ausf.H Tank Model

By Dirk Sermeus posted on track-link "After many years of plastic AVF and airplane modelling, I quitted the hobby in 1984. You know, getting married, getting kids, less time, etc! After getting retired in [...]

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