VIDEO MG 42 walking crew 1/35 scale figures

Posted on Toni G Castroviejo YouTube Channel “Cool figures from Tamiya. I wanna do some figures for a diorama or something... and I did them. Having modeling fun!”  click here to see more. VIDEO MG [...]

VIDEO Christmas Nativity Scene – Military Miniatures HQ

Posted on Military Miniatures YouTube Channel “San Antonio Christmas Christmas in San Antonio video I put together this evening of the manger scene.  I love the Christmas carol in the background called "SIng Noel" [...]

Zachary Lang Photography Toy Soldier Collection

Posted on Zachary Lang Photography Click here to see more. [fancy_images][/fusion_image][/fusion_image][/fusion_image][/fusion_image][/fusion_image][/fusion_image][/fusion_image][/fusion_image] [/fancy_images] Zachary Lang Photography Toy Soldier Collection [...]


By Rodolphe Morieux psoted on “I present my latest creation out of the box.  Camouflage and markings AEC Rommel have changed over time.  I chose this version.  I liked Rommel added figurine but I [...]

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