New Austrian Uhlans 1/72 Scale Franznap Miniatures

Here the last 2 sets of Austrian Napoleonic cavalry: The Austrian Uhlans, depict in their 1809 uniforms.2 sets: Command and Troopers , 4 mounted figures each with detached and spare arms and weapons . 1/72 [...]

USS Lexington Museum Military Miniatures

I had a terrific day visiting the USS Lexington Aircraft carrier of WII fame.  It's located in Corpus Christi, TX.  Click here to get to their website for the typical logistical information. Here are some military [...]

Monogram 1:48 HE-111

"I built this one a while back ( my second model after 20 years or so). You see it in my 1:48 collection thread but here are some close up pictures. Hope you like them..." [...]

Model Jet Makeover — A face-lift for an old Favorite

"In this current age of modern ARFs and painted-in-the-mold airframes, it’s common to see shiny new models at the field every weekend.  In most cases however, in the process this leads us to neglect tried-and-true [...]

Franznap Austrian Hussars | franznap

Franznap Austrian Hussars, Napoleonic, 1/72 military miniatures, toy soldiers, soldatini, miniaturen, napoleonic   carlos codina's insight: Personally, I'm a big 20th century military miniatures collector than 19th century but these are bueatiful! See on

Japanese U-Boat I-400

"Aircraft and submarine: describing in naval history, especially the ratio of hunters and hunted. Only a few submarines have used aircraft as an extended eye of enlightenment, still less as an extension to the execution of [...]

Terrain and Toy Soldiers: 28MM

"Firstly, a quick apology for the time it has taken me to post again. I don't know where the time goes. This year I hope to keep on top of the blog as well as [...]

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