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Posting Your Stuff (Content) Guidelines 

submit-mmhq-logoMilitary Miniatures hasn’t been online long, however, it’s already attracting over 4,500 monthly targeted visitors and growing.

Military Miniatures HQ is a place to have fun and enjoy content (news, photos, videos) regardless of scale (1/35, 1/32, 1/30, 1/48,  etc.).  Content should be military themed and it can be anything from remote control (RC) vehicles or aircraft, scale models, toy soldiers, or action figures from around the world.


We do not pay for images and we do not accept images that are primarily advertisements.

Please read carefully the Submission Guidelines, and Terms and Conditions with below:

Submission Guidelines

  • Each post requires a minimum of 1 image
  • Submit a maximum of 6 images
  • Images should be no larger than 800 pixels wide
  • Submit all images in JPEG format (it’s just easier that way)
  • Please include and state the following:

–   the historical era
–   country of the military miniature
–   its name
–   your full name 

[toggle_framed title=”Terms and Conditions”]mmhq-logo-submitBy submitting an image or images to us, you agree to allow us to use the image(s) on the website. You agree not to display your images on any other English language websites. However, you retain all copyrights to your work and remain free to publish your image(s) in all other media.


  1. After you post your blog article, picture(s), video, etc. on, you may
  2. Curate portion(s) of the same content and post it on another site  PROVIDED YOU GIVE ATTRIBUTION (e.g. “source:”) and provide a “backlink” website address  back to the page with your original post (e.g. see example “click here” in #3 below)
  3. To see an example click here.  Notice the use of parentheses (“) around the curated content.  Always reward the original content creator with an attribution and a “backlink” to the original source website address.

By submitting an image or images, you are certifying that:

  • It is your work and you are the legal copyright holder of such work, and
  • Will hold us harmless of any and all copyright disputes or actions which may result from copyright infringement issues.
  • You are authorizing the editor of to make any revisions if needed.
  • You understand that submission of your image(s) to does not guarantee that your image(s) will be displayed on the website.

By clicking on the link “Submit your content to the blog now” below, and submitting an image or images, I certify that I have read, understand, and agree to these terms.[/toggle_framed]

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